If you are ready to uplift your life with Ayurveda, a lovely assortment of courses and goodies below will get you started.


I created this because there is nothing like it on the market! Ayurveda delivered in a vibrant, friendly package that feels like you're learning from your best friend. It's also a workbook! Ayurveda is only powerful if we practice applying it to our lives as individuals. In Your Elements has over 70 questions and quizzes to help you discover your dosha and apply Ayurveda to your unique life. 


6-Week Course

Based on my book In Your Elements, this 6 week course teaches you the basics of Ayurveda and how to apply it to your life. We use the book as a guide and together I'll walk you through an Ayurvedic foundation, daily and seasonal routines, nutrition, exercise, healing with the mind and more! By the end, you will craft your personal Ayurvedic plan. Class is online and never expires so you can revisit it again and again. Life is long and this course is perfect help you re-balance as needed.

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3-Day Course

A kitchari (KIT-cha-ree) cleanse is a mono diet for 3-7 days to nourish, lightly remove toxins, reset the digestive system, and clear the mind. Kitchari is the go-to Ayurvedic fix when our mind, body, and/or emotions need to hit the reset button!


A Blooming Ayurvedic Coloring Book

Print-it-yourself coloring book with positive affirmations on each page. Endless printouts, share it, gift it, color forever!


Seasonal Bloom Bundle

Get all 3 Seasonal Blooms: vata, pitta, and kapha bundled together! Gain deeper understanding about the doshas and the seasons! 


Full Bloom Coaching with Monica B.

I'll be your personal Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle coach for 6 weeks! If you are ready to do the work, commit to making positive changes, and learn ALL about YOU I will teach you what you need to know on a personal level. Your bod. Your mind. Your spirit. Your healing. Your LIFE!



Dosha Menus

Handy quick-reference menus for all 3 doshas. 


Dosha Snapshots

Simple, basic breakdowns of each dosha. These are the handouts I use when teaching in person!


Ayurvedic Family Meals

What to make for meals when your family is all different doshas.