3 powerful practices to
avoid burnout.

We want to love our work and all the facets of our busy lives! However, so often, high demands, distraction, and a rapid pace, can leave us depleted rather than energized and fulfilled.  
In this masterclass, learn to strike the balance in your busy life to do all the things you love without giving away your energy and power. 

In this Masterclass you'll learn:

— 1 — 

The Major Mindset Shift
needed to enhance your energy,
enrich your days and protect your time

— 2 — 

Avoid burnout and reclaim your days
Even under the busiest times and packed schedules,
you'll know how to recharge and destress.

— 3 — 

Understand what makes you unique
Become aware of how to amplify pitta's strengths
and be aware of the tendencies that can hold you back

— 4 — 

Quick rejuvenation tips and tricks
Learn how to rejuvenate from the inside out consistently, daily and easily. 

Note: the class is not just for pittas!
Pittas are the dosha most prone to burnout...but anyone
can enrich their life and energy with this masterclass.


This Masterclass is a must attend if you...

• Feel the constant weight of stress, causing irritability and toward the things (and people!) that used to bring you joy.
• Have problems sleeping, poor digestion, racing mind or brain fog. 
• Are obsessively thinking about all the things you have to do and the lack of time to do it.
• Are feeling pretty balanced but want to understand how avoid burnout

A Personal Invite from Monica B.

The topic of burnout is close to my heart because when I was in the corporate world, I totally burnt out. This was AFTER I already knew and practiced Ayurveda. The good news is, I got myself out of it pretty quick and have stayed out of it for the long term. 
I want you to have the same empowerment which is why I'm excited to teach this masterclass to you.
Burnout can suck the life out of our joy, passions, not to mention our minds and bodies too. We want to LOVE our days — our days adds up to our lives!
And finding that balance is totally possible! Work does not have to be a grind. It can be fulfilling, fun and joyful if you know how to take care of yourself and balance all the pieces.
I can't wait to teach you what I've learned so I can help you thrive.
Choose the time that works best for you...

And see you there!

Monica B.


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